About Us


Ozanda stands as one of the most trusted and committed parts suppliers in Australia. Proudly 100% Australian owned with a focus on providing Australian trailer and caravan manufacturers with the highest of standard products at the lowest prices.

ozanda.com.au provide you access to an one-stop online super store where you can buy promotional products, trailer parts, caravan accessories, Off Road accessories, truck body accessories, tools and recreational and camping gear and much more.


Speed and Quality Guarantee

Ozanda understands how urgent you may need the order and how important of the quality is so we endeavors to deliver speedy and quality-guaranteed products. Ozanda is based in Melbourne and dispatched most of our products from Melbourne warehouse, however, we also partnered with many parts and accessories specialists located all around Australia and some are overseas. We can also process and dispatch your products from your nearest suppliers we work with to ensure the efficiency.


Customized Product Request

Apart from the listed products on www.ozanda.com.au, you can always tell us what you need, a customized quotation will be prepared by our professional sales team and all tailored specific to your requirements and budget.


Our Vision

Ozanda's vision is to offer friendly assistance and guidance wherever necessary and to develop positive relationships with our clients so they can be confident and assured with the excellent shopping experience.