gas struts. pair 670mm long x 500 newton . caravan, camper trailer, tradesman


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Gas struts. pair 670mm long x 500newton . caravan, camper trailer, tradesman

these struts are generally used under on tradesman trailer side and rear doors that are framed and approx 50kg.


Product Name

Gas Struts / Gas Spring







Stroke Length


Piston Rod Diameter


Tube Diameter


Extended Length(Screw center to screw center)


Compressed Length





Net Weight

470G per gas struts including nyloc nuts

Package Content






How To Work Out What Strength You Need.

If you are replacing an existing strut the strength (N) should be printed on the strut you have. Otherwise...

The easiest way to guess the lifting weight required for a gas strut, is to use a set of bathroom scales, and length of timber.

Pick the position where you think the gas strut will be located and place the timber and scales there. This will show you the weight that is being applied in that position. If for example the scales read 20kgs then you need at least a 200N (20kgs x 10) strut to hold the weight.

Remember to take into consideration any extra weight such as a matress.

It is important to select the correct length of strut that will open to the desired height, but also allow the stroke to fully close.

Advanced: The Scientific Method.

For those who would like to try a more mathematical approach to working out the strength then please study the formulas presented.

F1 = G x XG
F2 = A x F1 x LS

Z = length of lid from pivot (hinge) point in millimetres.
XG = Centre of Gravity in millimetres.
G = The weight of the lid in Newtons. 1Kg is 9.8N (Round this to 10 Newtons).
LS = Radius of Gas Spring Force in millimetres.
A = Number of gas springs per application. We recommend using two for most applications such as island beds



Gas Spring & Strut Mounting Instructions

All gas springs contain a small amount of oil to lubricate the main seal and rod. This oil also provides end of stroke damping. If standard gas springs are operated and mounted in a rod-up orientation, fluid cannot reach the main seal or rod which leads to excessive seal wear and reduced life. It is recommended that standard gas springs be mounted rod down at least 30 degrees off horizontal. If the application cannot accommodate rod-down mounting, an oil or grease chamber should be specified. Both are optional features.

Why should springs be used rod-down ?

In order to keep the rod seal lubricated, a small amount of oil is used in every gas spring. When used rod-down, the oil is kept in contact with the rod seal which improves the sealing properties and ensure the seal will never become dry.

Gas Springs Rod Down

For this reason, one of the basic recommendations when incorporating gas springs in your design is to make sure they are used at an angle of less than 60 degrees from the vertical.

The oil used in the gas spring is also useful to obtain a high damping effect on the last few millimeters of the stroke. If the gas spring was not used rod-down, the piston would not have to go through the oil at the end of the extension and no damping effect would occur.

When this is not possible and the gas spring has to be used either rod-up or near horizontal, we specify an oil chamber or a fully damped gas spring. While these solutions are not as economical as standard gas springs, they will ensure your gas springs will last as long as a standard gas springs used with the rod facing down.


If this is not the correct size for your application, click on the Product Name below:


Product Name Extended Length Stroke Tube Diam Shaft Diam Force N
gas-struts-220mm-90n 220 75 18 8 90N
gas-struts-400mm-350n 400 148 18 8 350N
gas-struts-432mm-165n 432 178 18 8 165N
gas-struts-485mm-270n 485 195 18 8 270N
gas-struts-500mm-350n 500 210 18 8 350N
gas-struts-524mm-220n 524 223 18 8 220N
gas-struts-530mm-260n 530 215 18 8 260N
gas-struts-585mm-450n 585 255 18 8 450N
gas-struts-585mm-550n 585 255 20 10 550N
gas-struts-585mm-700n 585 255 20 10 700N
gas-struts-600mm-900n 600 250 20 10 900N
gas-struts-600mm-1100n 600 250 22 12 1100N
gas-struts-670mm-500n 670 280 20 10 500N
gas-struts-700mm-900n 700 300 22 12 900N
gas-struts-800mm-1100n 800 350 22 10 1100N
gas-struts-830mm-500n 830 350 22 10 500N
gas-struts-830mm-700n 830 350 22 10 700N

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