Narva 12V 60 55W High Low Beam Free Form Halogen Headlamp Conversion 4WD 72026

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H4 200 x 142mm 12V 60/55W High/Low Beam Free Form Halogen Headlamp Conversion Kit

Utilising virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, this kit features high/low beam function and replaces either sealed or semi-sealed beams and includes park lamp option.

2 x headlamp inserts (P/No. 72024)
2 x 12V H4 60/55W globes (P/No. 48881)
2 x park lamp globes (P/No. 17177)
2 x dust covers
2 x park lamp holders

NB: For 24V applications use H4 75/70W globe P/No. 48892 and park lamp globe P/No. 17197

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